Why am I Unable to Connect or Having a Slow Connection to the VPS?

There are some things that are causing (including some solutions) the ‘unable to connect’ to the VPS problem. Certainly, we have to realize that the ‘failure’ to connect to a VPS has been a structural problem that consists of several factors (such as those mentioned above/in the previous tutorial chapters), which are all interrelated.

These factors are including:

  1. Internet connection reliability
  2. Latency of Internet Distance
  3. VPS shut down
  4. Multi-session on Windows
  5. Interruptions on the server/network
  6. Excessive usage of VPS resources

Prior to discussing on each of this factors and the solutions for the above-mentioned factors, make sure that you has a complete understanding on the connection procedures to a VPS using the RDP, which are to make sure:

  • he RDP has been properly installed.
  • The Internet connections has been properly established.
  • The entered IP address is the right and active VPS IP address.

1).Internet Connection Reliability

A ‘good’ and ‘proper’ internet connection is a pre-requisite in order for the connection to VPS run well. But how good and proper should an internet connection be? This is a big question that requires a wise and good answer. As we know, the most important “connection” component in the use of a VPS is the VPS connection to the broker, therefore, the connection from ‘our side’ to the VPS is less prioritized (but it doesn’t make it less important).

For establishing a proper connection (from our side), we could start by performing a number of checklists as stated in the Guide on Checking The Connection Speed and Latency of a VPS. Try to do a ping to the server (not to the VPS), that you can obtain it from the VPS Provider, and view the ping result. A good ping result to have a ‘smooth’ connection is below 500ms. Normally, it is in between 200ms (the USA server) and 350ms (the Europe server). Note also whether there’s an RTO (request time out) and how many % (if it happens to be above 5%, then we can be sure that a problem exists on the internet connection, such what was occuring in the TELKOM internet connection to Europe, without knowing exactly in which point the real problem exists, resulting to the inability of the Europe server side or TELKOM to solve it.

Recommended internet connections: Telkomsel 3G, First Media, Telkom Speedy (a wireless connection, such as Wireless CDMA is not recommended).

2). Latency or Internet Distance

Another factor beside internet connection is latency. As mentioned above at Guide on Checking The Connection Speed and Latency of a VPS and Tips to choose best server location, about internet distance. A slow 'suggestion' in accessing the VPS indeed is really happened because of the internet distance between our computer (using ISP -internet service provider in Indonesia, or especially from Asia) tends to be longer away to VPS in Europe location than other locations, impacting a slight delay when we try to move our cursor between programs (or windows in Windows) in our VPS. A delay in ascending order, from the fastest to the slowest location based (from Asia) is presented as follow:

  1. West USA
  2. East USA
  3. Canada
  4. UK
  5. Europe

3). VPS Shut Down Please note that: a VPS has to be DISCONNECTED, not shut down nor logged off, in order for the programs to continue running (a continuously running VPS in our absence). If it is shut down, then the VPS will also be ‘turned off’ having the same terminology as a turned off computer. But if it is logged off, then the VPS will remain ‘ON’, with no program running.

4). Multi-session on Windows

Another thing that causes an interrupted connection is the limitation of the multi-session Windows connection. If a VPS has been set up with a specific number of multi-session connection (for instance 1, as mention in the following guide Multi Session and at the same time, the VPS has an unexpected ‘hanging’ session, then only 1 session/connection is being established and the VPS will reject (deny) other incoming connections. Therefore, avoid setting the multi-session number to 1 (one), even though for the purpose in preventing a multi-session event from happening, since the effect for those are not familiar yet, would be unfavorable.

More details regarding the multi-session on Windows can be found at the following reference link Multi Session 

5). Interruptions on the Server/Network

The rarest thing that could happen, but still, an interruption might occur on the server and/or the network. If the server is down, then the whole VPS services running on it will be inaccessible. What is defined by the Down condition here is when the server in a state of an undergoing maintenance as it needs to be restarted. The restart process on a server is quite different that it is on a VPS and/or a common computer.

A restart on a server could last for hours (even could last for 2 hours or more). When this happens, the server uptime (from the previously starting time) would be less and for sure all VPS that are running on it will be inaccessible (by any methods including the VNC).

A complete uptime server schedules of the WinnerVPS can be viewed at the following link

We will schedules and/or server maintenance activities on the WinnerVPS can also be monitored at the following link.

6). Excessive Usage of VPS Resources (Processor / Memory / Disk IO)

This is the most common cases
Basically, a VPS has been set to use a specific amount of MEMORY resources. Forcing a VPS to perform things beyond its capability could produce an unfavorable result. Things that have to be considered are: The amount of memory and the related resources being used at the time a VPS is being installed (in the early stage) and after it has been running for around 12 hours (or more), will be for sure different (the resources usage will be increasing after being “left” for several hours). Similar as in a desktop computer and/or laptop, restarting the computer will be the only possible alternative to make it run faster (especially for WINDOWS). So therefore, the identical principle is commonly also valid to a Windows VPS. The more frequent a VPS being restarted, the more resources will be available, resulting to a ‘lighter’ operation.

Another advice is: to upgrade the VPS MEMORY and/or to use the VPS according to its capacity. But most of the time, the economic principle has always been a priority. So the best advice we could provide is (a more affordable solution with a little bit more effort) to frequently restart the VPS.

A guidance on calculating the MEMORY CAPACITY can be found at the following reference link. To ensure the troubleshooting process on the memory capacity (the usage monitoring) can be done by clicking VNC on the following guide (VPS Reboot and Troubleshooting Guide, and click VNC). The VNC is able to establish a connection to a VPS in times where an RDP is not able to do so (ONLY USE VNC to perform troubleshooting and backup activities!). Usually, on the VNC display screen, “errors” on the Windows VPS can be viewed.

Typically, these errors are being marked (sorted out from the “lightest symptoms” to the “worst”) such as:

  • “Low on virtual memory” error alert.
  • Slow VNC (and/or “blank” screen)
  • Blue screen (blue or black screen) along with odd characters.

All of the above things can be resolved usually by clicking REBOOT on the following guide (VPS Reboot and Troubleshooting guide). This is considered as forced-option, the same like as we restart a desktop computer/laptop by pressing the restart button.

Some steps to figure out why you feel your VPS is slow

  1. Check your VPS, is it listed to High Usage - here
  2. Check the connection speed from our Looking Glass https://winnervps.com/looking-glass , you can test download from our server

What Happens If My Internet Disconnects While I'm On My Virtual Desktop, Caused by Slow and Unreliable Internet Connection?
It's exactly the same as if you walked away from the keyboard. The virtual desktop will keep running your programs, including your EA's. Simply logon again when your Internet is back up and you will rejoin your running session.

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