Why Does the MT4 Program Often Shut Down by Itself?

One of the confusion and the most common question being asked is: why does the MT4 program (Metatrader) often close or shut down by itself? After having several experiences and troubleshooting’ at some of our clients, we concluded that there are some factors/underlying reasons that are causing these occurrences. Following are some troubleshooting methods to identify the problems (as well as how to anticipate them, along with the solutions):

A. Multi-session on Windows
Multi-session on Windows occurs due to some reasons:
  1. Forget to disconnect (being allowed to run continuously)
  2. Sudden loss of internet connection (hanging connection)
  3. Hang condition
  4. On purpose
The most often reason of a closed MT4 program, is due to an active multi-session Windows. So, in fact, the MT4 is not closed (on session 1) but it is opening on another session (session 1), while on the empty new session (session 2) it looks like MT4 is closed. Also check on the Tutorial >> “Multi-session on Windows”.

B. VPS is being rebooted
To check the uptime status of a VPS (whether it is being rebooted or not), you can just click Start –> Network Connection –> (right-click) Local Area Connection –> Properties –> (tick) show icon in notification area when connected
Then, click the LAN icon (on the lower right part of the VPS).
View the Duration (the Duration shows how long does the VPS have already been turned on).
At this part, it will show whether the VPS have been restarted, whether unintentionally or deliberately.
The Duration is acting as a VALID proof concerning the connectivity of the VPS.

Typically, due to the VPS was restarted, it was followed by the closing of the MT4.

You can also check VPS reboot log from Client Area with our Reboot Log features

Notes: Be cautious also when the VPS is logged off (not disconnected), as the duration will stay running (appearing as if it is still being connected), even though the MT4 is closed.

C. Error on the MT4
The only way to check errors that might be occured in MT4 is to check the MT4’s log. Check the LOG file on the MT4, by searching it in your MT4 folder, for example in C:\Program Files\MT4\logs and C:\Program Files\MT4\experts\logs. Check whether there is any corrupted EA files, being shown in the log, where at the time the EA was executing it, there would an error message in those logs, such as: 01:10:16 System to be shutdown, request for close MFX Trader 4
01:10:16 Expert Robot Pips Hunter GBPUSD,M1: removed
01:10:16 MFX Trader 4 4.00 build 409 stopped
01:10:16 MFX Trader 4 4.00 build 409 stopped because system shutdown
It could also being caused by a corrupted Metatrader file, and forcing the MT4 to close. It is recommended to do another check initially on the laptop/desktop computer of all the files that are being planned to be placed in the VPS, before having them copied/moved to the VPS 

D.Windows Administrator Password (someone is accessing the VPS and may shut down the MT4)
Sometimes we tend to forget, that the Windows Administrator password plays a very important role. Moreover, if we are sharing the password to several of our colleagues, then it might not be impossible, unintentionally, some of these colleagues closed the programs and/or did some common mistakes that are usually being done by other VPS users.

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