Why am I Receiving a High Usage Notification

There is no single standard that can definitely determine the maximum amount of capacity that MT4 can be run concurrently in a VPS. Of course, we understand that “economic” principle will always take precedence or priority by all customers.

In addition of calculating the memory factor, we are also assisted by a high-tech tool called Bravo. This tool can provide accurate information regarding the ability to accommodate a possible number of MT4 that could be run on a VPS. The Benchmark is, if you have received ‘alerts’ from Bravo on High Usages, meaning that the limits have been exceeded and a maximum number of MT4 on your VPS should be reduced.

A certain justification: Never run more than 10 simultaneous MT4 on a VPS (except you are using our special ‘dedicated CPU’ package). Processors who work hard will excess heat that can damage the computer server or hardware.

High Usage notification is merely an automatic email (system) sent out by the server, based on a specific calculation, averaging the usage of all VPS on the server. The monitoring system will calculate based on: I/O, Processor, Network usages per VPS. The VPS with a 300% above average rating will then be limited as a consequence by this system. So, this might come into a slowness as impacted. But if you don’t feel that way, please feel free to disregard the notification further (The notification itself is a live system, sent out every 24 hours, so it won’t send you any messages anymore, unless it is reoccurred).

Other things that you might consider avoiding are:

  1. Please do not run parallel MT4 (simultaneously) above your VPS specification (see our recommendation)
  2. Please do not run a background process program that eat up a processor continuously (like: backtesting, etc.)
  3. Please check whether your VPS is virus/trojan/worm free or not.
  4. An interrupted update of MT4 (from Metaquotes Inc.) will also make a slightly impact of processor usage.
In purpose to troubleshoot why your VPS feels slow and also you receive a high usage notification, you might want to check it from your client area, follow this steps to figure it out:
1. Login to your Client Area
2. Click on Support at top menu
3. Click on  VPS High Resource Usage
Check it, when you received that log, also check your VPS for high usage of background process,

If you still need us to check and help you keeping away from the ‘high usage notification’, please send your VPS password detail so we can check further inside your VPS.

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