Why and When do I need a Dedicated CPU?

When you would need the Dedicated CPU

  1. If you are running more than 10 MT4 on a single VPS
  2. If you are running more than 20 charts on 1 MT4 on a single VPS
  3. If you are running "CPU eater application"
  4. If you are receiving 7 "high usage" notifications in a 7 consecutive days.

What is the Dedicated CPU?

A dedicated CPU means that you would be entitled CPUs/Cores that are exclusively assigned to you. In a share environment the CPU/core will be shared among the users (VPS) across (inside) the servers, that's why if someone were using it at maximum, you'll be suffered from being sluggish, or vice versa if you are using it "abusively", other users might become a victim of feeling heavy or we may tarpit it before it impact others.


There is one exception that we found out from our experiences. On some circumstances, usually on and during off-trading hours, some EA presents an anomaly, by doing and consuming a very high CPU usage.

As we studied and figured out, the anomaly came out from a circle process that the EA was doing on a "license checking". Since it was an off-trading hours, so there was no "ticks" (data graphs) produced by any brokers that will make the EA suffered from obtaining it (the EA could only be running properly when the ticks come up). So that initial process will make a continuous loop, that would affected on a process/resource going on a very high.

In this case you can just dismiss or ignore the issue and email coming from us, as it will be going on every weekend only, or if possible, we and other traders would be more than pleased, if you could try to notify the EA creator about this anomaly. :D

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