Guide on Checking The Connection Speed and Latency of a VPS

In purpose to check server connection speed, you may visit this link

To check your VPS latency, please follow this steps:

Desktop Computer –(A)– ISP –(B)– VPS –(C)—Broker’s Server A, B and C describes an interconnection (network connection), or commonly called as an internet link.

The most important connection is the one that is represented by C.
To check on the connection, is usually being done using the Windows built-in tool/program called ping/tracert (open Start >> Accessories >> Command Prompt on Windows, or click Start –> Run –> type CMD –> Click OK, then type ping and/or type tracert followed by an IP address).

C:\> ping ( is an example of an IP address that is going to be checked, within the context of connection check to the VPS server

(B), can also be using the server’s name, for an instance: or the IP address of the broker’s server to check on the connection (C)) and C:\> tracert

A broker’s server usually has more than 1 (one) IP server address. Write down these IP addresses (ask or check on the particular broker’s website to obtain them, also use the video tutorial below to find out the broker’s server IP addresses).

Afterwards, to check on the connection from the VPS to the broker’s server, always run (type) ping and tracert from your VPS, and execute a ping test and tracert to monitor the connection as well as the VPS stability with the broker’s server (C) (as seen on the picture below). On the contrary, to check on the condition of the ISP to the VPS (the internet connection that is being used) (B), run ping and tracert from your PC/Laptop that is being used. Ping and Tracert will represent a latency.

What is a Latency?
A Latency is suppose to be an internet distance which describe a time in measurement, usually presented as mili second, and represent the time consumed by a data to transmit between one node to the other node. A node here will be a geographic location, or a computer hardware, etc.
The less the ping counts, the better it is. And the less also the tracert counts (the number of the hops), the better it is also.

How to check a broker’s server IP address:
1. By the time the MT4 is ON (at the same time), open command prompt.
2. Type netstat –an
3. Notice that the IP address ending with 443 is the broker’s server IP address (in this case:
4. Then, use the above steps and tools to execute ping and tracert on the particular IP address (, to monitor the distance between the VPS to the specific broker’s server.

Additonal Notes:
Currently, WINNERvps has 4 (four) server locations: the West USA, the East USA, the EUROPE, and the North USA (Canada) server.

Those servers have their own distinctive characteristics. For more detail about the Tips on choosing the right location, click the following link >> Tips to choose the best server location

Some of these distinctive characteristics are:
1. The USA server is located ‘closer’, so that a ping and tracert command from a server in Indonesia will also be ‘nearer’, and as a result, the VPS access will be faster.
2. The EUROPE server, conversely, is located ‘further’. But, the EUROPE server is closer to the broker’s server, as it was shown on the above diagram, represented by point (C).

To assist the process of having a faster access to the EUROPE server, we provide a VPN access (a special tunneling access). Please contact to enjoy this facility.

Video Tutorial

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