Why Is My VPS Inaccessible, While WINNERvps Server Status is Online?

There are several factors, among others:
  1. Operating System on your VPS hangs so the application is not running properly and causes the remote desktop connection to malfunction.
  2. The VPS is experiencing virtual memory low, the condition where the main memory on VPS has been used up so that windows switches to virtual memory and when virtual memory is exhausted, it happens that virtual memory low causes VPS to hang and can not be accessed.
  3. You access the VPS from the office, where your office IT admin only opens certain ports so that the VPS can not be accessed from your office.
  4. There is a problem with the internet provider you are using. Try using another internet connection.
  5. You are using a proxy server.

Solution: Please restart your VPS using the virtual power button provided on the control panel page located on the https://winnervps.com/vps-control-panel website or contact our staff via ticket for help restart the VPS.

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