Right Way to Find Connection Problem Using Traceroute or MTR

Some alternative way to troubleshoot the connection problem is do the Traceroute (Windows) or MTR (Linux)
must do in two way
1. Traceroute/MTR from your point (your device) to VPS
2. Traceroute/MTR from VPS to your point (your device)
3. You can find your point/device IP using https://www.whatismyip.com/

With this method, you can figure out, which connection is broken, shows from Traceroute result

Windows (using command prompt):
1. Run CMD
2. Tracert <Destination IP> or Name

Windows (using WINMTR):
1. Download WINMTR from here
3. Type your VPS IP, then click start

Linux (using MTR)
1. Install MTR
"yum install mtr" or "apt-get install mtr"
2. Run "mtr <destination IP or name>"
For example "mtr google.com" (without quotes)

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