How to Use Ping, Traceroute, and MTR

You and your players can test the connection quality from your computer to your Minecraft server by running the ping and traceroute/mtr commands on your computer. Although speed tests are important, they don’t show other important metrics like latency and packet loss. If we asked you to run the commands for support, run them as you’re experiencing issues in-game.

Get Your IP Address

A quick Google search will show you your IP: Open Me!


Ping measures the response time between your computer and your server.

  • Windows

    1. Open the command prompt, also known as CMD.exe.
    2. Type: ping your-server-ip
  • Mac and Linux

    1. Open the terminal application.
    2. Type: ping your-server-ip


Traceroute shows the routers that your data traverses to our servers.

  • Windows

    1. Open the command prompt, also known as CMD.exe.
    2. Type: tracert your-server-ip
  • Mac and Linux

    1. Open the terminal
    2. Typetracert your-server-ip

Make sure to replace your-server-ip with your actual server ip. Copying and pasting the above exactly will not work.


MTR continuously runs traceroute, recording statistics over a period of time. We recommend using MTR to get the most detailed information.

  • Windows

    1. Download and install WinMTR.
    2. Start WinMTR.
    3. In, Host, enter your-server-ip # See the above note.
    4. Click start and let it run for at least 10 seconds.
  • Linux

    1. Install mtr. This may vary from distro to distro, so we will leave this up to you.
    2. Open the terminal.
    3. Type: mtr your-server-ip
    4. Leave it running for at least 10 seconds. Press S to pause the data collection.

How to Send Us the Results

  • Include your IP address
  • Provide the ping and traceroute/mtr results. To copy the results in a Windows command prompt, right-click somewhere in the command prompt window, select “Mark,” highlight the text, and then press “Enter.” We recommend pasting the results into Pastebin and providing us with the URL, as our support area can cause formatting issues.
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