If Today is your last day, 'What will you do?

The sentence pronounced by Steve Jobs when he made a speech in front of Stanford graduates in 2005, so it's been more than ten years ago. But looking back at the video I've learned a lot. Time is one resource that can not be replaced, which means far more valuable than money in the search of people. How Steve Jobs use their time for more than 32 years so that he can always get his achievement.

Steve Jobs ever read a book that says just think if today was your last day, what would you do? of course, with a question like that we will choose what is most important work to do on this day? Set priorities for the work to be done first is not an easy job. Because I often see executives still play the game for wasting time. My question is whether they have more work to be done? and it is true when I asked, they did not know what to do.

I also often hear that make our lives simpler, do only work that will bring us to our destiny. Actually, the key is the purpose of life, some of my friends when asked about their purpose in life can not be explained in detail. Not that they do not have ambitions, they have ambition, if asked would want to create a business they do become greater. But the larger aim of making the business is something that is difficult to be understood by our minds.

I feel the same when it was still working on my business in the early days. My goal is to make the company bigger, and what I think is the customer looking for even more, the way how not to think about too much, that is my mind is to sell it. So when I was not able to meet potential customers I have more time to play games, read newspapers, and a lot of work that has nothing to do with business development.

What about now?, After I learned of the strategy guide to success written by John C. Maxwell and Jim Dornan, I came to understand that having a dream is not enough, dream that there should be split into goal after goal earned each year what would pursued, then we set the strategy for achieving these goals how. This strategy usually determine I had a discussion with the manager, having obtained a new strategy we formulate an action plan. Based on this action plan we are working hard for a year. The work could delegated, we need to delegate. At the time I began to ask the questions used by Steve Jobs, became more pronounced in choosing what work I have to do.

In life need to be designed, what kind of life we want to have by the time we reach a certain age. The lives of the draft breakdown we need to be a goal - small goals that will be pursued each year. Having determined the new goalnya drawn up strategies, how to reach these goals. And then the newly created action plannya, what needs to be done to achieve these goals. When the end of the year can not be achieved its goal, which needs to be reviewed was work and strategy. At the moment we do the work - the work to achieve our goal, the question of Steve Jobs to be very effective for determining which jobs are the most important to be done in advance.

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