Learning from Others

A few ten years ago, every time I had a discussion with a friend which is not in accordance with what I think, I will immediately defend my opinion. When I flashback, at that moment, I felt that I know and what I know is true. So at that time I often argue with my friends, at the end of the conversation is nothing learned, there are only blaming opinion, both of which are not necessarily true after all.

A change in me happened because I met many other people, and began to read many books. I ever meet with someone to whom he expressed an opinion that I do not agree with him, and has become a habit, I began to express my opinion. Despite different opinions, it turns out my friend did not offer any resistance to defend his opinion. But he did leave a lot of questions to me, after I said several times, I realized that what I think is not correct. Since that, I felt my friend knows this better than me, and I like to do, is to give the question more and more detail.

If someone took control of a problem if you asked him details,they can explain well, but if one does not master it will be difficult to answer detailed questions.

On that day even though I was embarrassed, but I learned a very valuable thing in my life. And since that time I will not argue again, then what I did was started to ask, who know if my friends think would be better.

I finally learned how to make a discussion produces respectful listener, willing to respect it means to accept the opinions of others, regardless of their opinion it is appropriate or not according to what we think. At least I would understand the way of thinking from people I talk to.

Now every time I meet with friends, the most interesting to me, is a way of thinking of my interlocutors. I can learn many things from my interlocutor, regardless of who he is, even new students I can still learn from him.

Open mind to other people's opinions, make us rich way of thinking. So that when facing problems, will easily solve it, because it has a lot of ways to solve the problem.

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