How Do I Get Connected to a VPS?

To be able to connect or to establish a link to our VPS, we are required to use a program called Remote Desktop Connection (developed by Microsoft) or compatible at our home computer or laptop.
In Windows XP is in: Start >> All Programs >> Accessories >> Communications
In Windows Vista or 7 is in: Start >> All Programs >> Accessories
In Windows 8 is in: START >> (directly type "R" continued by "emote"), then choose and click (icon) REMOTE DESKTOP CONNECTION

Following are the step by step procedures to connect to VPS using RDP:

    1.Find and run RDP.
    2.Enter the VPS IP address in the COMPUTER column (IP address obtained from the VPS e-mail activation)

    3.Login Credential (Administrator – also from the e-mail activation)

    4.AVOID Logoff.Once finished with the VPS, avoid clicking using the LOGOFF button on VPS, as Logoff and        Shutdown indicate that the VPS is being turned off.Instead, choose DISCONNECT or click the cross sign (X),        the sign at the right corner, as illustrated on the picture below. Disconnect indicates that the VPS is still        running some programs (running programs in the background).

    5.Android and Apple users (and others).For users of Android and iOS can use a software developed by 2x        which is called 2x Client (FREE, can be downloaded from the Android Market or the Apple AppStore). As the        2x Client software is using the RDP protocol, it doesn’t need any additional software installed on the VPS        (similar as the RDP).

           For Android installation and connection manual please click this link.
           For MacOS installation and connection manual please click this link.
           For iPad installation and connection manual please click this link.

    6.For other available applications, as an alternative, the TeamViewer ( can also        be used. This particular application needs some additional installation on the VPS side, and it’s an ad-based        application, so it will surely “load” the VPS. But based on the context and/or specific needs, the TeamViewer        will be very helpful (recommended as an alternative).

If you manage small amount of VPS (only one per connection), you can use Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection for default RDP Connection

But, if you manage more amounts of VPS (more than 2-3 VPS simultaneous connection), you might want to use RDCMAN (Remote Desktop Connection Manager), you can connect and manage your VPS as much as you want, depend on your PC and your internet connection, here is the link to download Click here

For connect to Linux VPS you can use Putty, known as popular SSH client, you can download here


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