Guide on Ordering a VPS

  1. Make sure you visit our site to place an order  and select the desired product (as appropriate).
  2. Enter the billing cycle you want, then VPS Name (such as name server / host name or identifier to differentiate the name of your server from others, it could be anything, a minimum of 5 characters: letters and / or numbers, with no sign of! @ # $% ^ & * () _ + =), and VPS password (to login to Windows VPS). Additionally there: Selection of OS (Please click the link below for details) and the choice of location datacentre (click the link below for details).
  3. Continue to fill in and complete (if not already there) Data Profile (if you’ve never been / there, choose Login), choose a payment method, and click Done.
  4. Once the order is completed, all invoice details that have been, will be sent via email.
  5. We have instant activation services. The entire process is done automatically. You will receive two (2) pieces of mail that are sent automatically: Email Activation VPS (which contains the IP VPS and Password) and Reboot Notification (when the VPS is active). Please note for a local bank transfer (Indonesia), please make a payment before pkl. 21:00 pm because the banks do not allow ‘automatic check transactions’ to check transactions at these hours (or sometimes banks do maintanenace daily routine at these hours).
  6. Please include your invoice number on any transfer news for any bank transfer / i-banking / m-banking / etc. that features news columns (with format INVOICE-xxxx, xxxx form your invoice number, for example: INVOICE 2039). After that, you can click LIVE CHECK TRANSACTION to activate your service directly through the automated check this transaction we (or our system is designed to check every 5 minutes or so).


After the order placement has been done, an invoice containing all chosen details will be sent by e-mail. Please send a confirmation of the payment settlement at the earliest time (good fund) by sending an e-mail to Orders will only be processed once the confirmation received or the system found out a transaction matching (we do have an Instant Activation Service)!

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