Do You Have a Partnership Program or Sort of Discounts? 

If you are a Money Manager or Hedge Funds, Introducing Brokers or Brokers, or just need a large amount of VPS, indeed, we have a very powerful and high-technology Partnership Program. It consist of 3 (three) level of programs that may suit you (Authorized, Premium, Co-Branding). We offer you and your clients, not just a typo affiliate or reseller program that have ever been around. We have been accustomed to such features and do well understand what sort of management will you and your clients need. Equipped with a high-end technology, you could offer your clients an ecommerce website that is of your own, anonymous, and integrated with your own bank account or Paypal (not ours) so that the VPS will be ready for them automatically. Just drop us a message at to see the Demo.
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