Why is My VPS Suspended?

Suspend or suspension is a temporarily halt on the VPS services, which will be informed (notification will be sent) by e-mail. In this condition or situation, the VPS is totally inaccessible in any way.

The cause of a suspension is usually:

  1. Delay in payment
  2. Bandwidth over usage (the bandwidth usage exceeds the quota)
  3. Virus / Malware (hidden programs that are making undetectable ‘destructions’ to the VPS and/or Server) or some activities that use a very HIGH USAGE RESOURCES.
  4. Abuse (application misuse in accordance with the terms of the TOS)

Following are the steps that can be prepared for anticipating (for avoiding) on being suspended:

  • Always perform the payment on-time, prior to the due date. Avoid using the grace period as a part of the “active period bonus” .
  • Based on our research under normal conditions, the provided bandwidth is will be sufficient for normal use. Therefore, we kindly requested our customers to perform periodic monitoring to the bandwidth usage on the CLIENT AREA. For bandwidth usage beyond normal conditions, please contact sales@winnervps.com and we will be very glad to serve and provide our premium customers with our extra premium bandwidth.
  • We do not tolerate any application misuse of the ‘resources’. Malware and viruses can cause interruptions, not only to a customer’s VPS and create some mess, but also to others. Usually, the virus in EA, and/or .dll files on EA has been injected with a malware (have been practically discovered), causing a password breach on the customer’s VPS (by performing a brute force attack password recovery), sending important files (hacking) from the customer’s VPS to a particular place, and other harmful activities. Therefore, we advise our customers to pay attention on their downloaded EAs and to make sure to obtain them from reliable sources (if needed, in the TOOLS – OPTION menu, tick the option “DLL Confirm Function”).
  • We are very strict in establishing the standard rules due to preserve the level of our PREMIUM quality standard of services. In order to maintain the comfort and safety as well as all of our “welfare”, we urge all our customers to comply with the ‘rules and agreements’ (https://winnervps.com/termsofservice.php), since our servers are being monitored periodically by DMCA.

Hopefully, this information is useful. Thank you.

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