Guide on Adding Multiple IP Address and Replace The Available IP

For Linux VPS:
The multiple IP adding process is done automatically, when you do a reformat/rebuild on a VPS or doing a reboot on a VPS or on a new order. But please do remember to REBOOT your VPS  two more times (click reboot from the Client Area for them to be binded to your VPS) and second from your bash prompt (shutdown -r now). So there will be another two reboots. For Arch Linux 64-bit, you need to edit this file: /etc/ipaddress.txt and insert your assigned ip (line per line), then reboot your VPS.

For Windows VPS:
The multiple IP adding process is done manually (you can contact or ticket system prior on this process). For manual process, please try this:

  1. Connect the VPS through VNC.
  2. When asked (Found new hardware wizard - Xen Net Device Driver), choose Install the software automatically.
  3. Click Next
  4. Select Control Panel --> Network Connection --> Local Area Connecdtion 2 --> TCP/IP --> Properties
  5. Use the following IP Address:
    1. IP Address: (please use the provided IP in welcome email)
    2. Subnet mask:
    3. Default Gateway: (please contact
  6. Use the following DNS Server Adress
    1. Preferred DNS Address: 8.,8.8.8
  7. Reboot the VPS through Client Area or VPS Control Panel.
Replacing an IP required additional cost (IP cost US$ 2/IP/mo), please just add another IP address or you can just add a new order with the same package.
On which one you choose, you can always do that within your Client Area, or just let us know, which one do you prefer.
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