Oil Shorts Continued

Following on from our oil shorts post, I thought a quiet Friday Asian session would be the perfect time to do a little update. Oil Hourly: Click on chart to see a larger view. Already we can see these types of short term pullbacks holding perfectly. Are shorts in play already? With the higher time […]

Still the SPI200 Top Holds

It’s exactly one month ago we looked at this SPI200 double top: SPI200 Daily: Click on chart to see a larger view. Daily resistance that you can see has held for now, printing a pretty obvious double top in the process. I’ll let you zoom out a little further yourself to see the previous price […]

Fed Hikes Rates: EUR/USD Positioning

The Federal Reserve this morning raised its benchmark interest rate a quarter of a percent from 0.75% to 1.00%. “Our decision to make another gradual reduction in the amount of policy accommodation reflects the economy’s continued progress. Today’s decision is in line with that view, and does not represent a reassessment.” Basically, traders remain optimistic […]