EUR/JPY Continues Higher

Good morning traders, After blowing through double top resistance, EUR/JPY has continued higher on fundamentally driven Euro strength. I don’t normally go as wide as the weekly chart, but higher time frame levels are the same no matter what time frame you view them on and this one is no different. Take a look at the […]

EUR/USD Channel Breakout

Good morning! Remember last week, we had EUR/USD reaching channel resistance? Here’s a refresher of the chart if your memory is a little hazy on hump day (we can all relate, don’t worry!): EUR/USD Daily: Click on chart to see a larger view. As you can see, this was the third touch of the daily channel […]

AUD/JPY Resistance Zone in Play

Do you have AUD/JPY on your MT4 watch list? Our friends over at ForexLive certainly do! 2h ForexLive @ForexLive AUD/USD on the move to a fresh high … but check out AUD/JPY!/audusd-on-the-move-to-a-fresh-high-but-check-out-audjpy-20170713 …  Follow Dane Williams @danewilliamsau Straight into a daily resistance zone though. #AUDJPY 7:00 AM – 14 Jul 2017  Retweets  22 likes Twitter Ads info and privacy So […]

USD/JPY Double Top Resistance

Good morning traders. With EUR/USD breaking out of channel resistance and reeking havoc on our shorts, this bout of risk trading does offer alternate opportunity over on USD/JPY. Take a look at the 4 hourly chart below: USD/JPY 4 Hourly: Click on chart to see a larger view. As I mentioned above, with resistance on EUR/USD breaking […]

EUR/USD Reaches Daily Channel Resistance

We’ve been following this EUR/USD intraday breakout and retest after the market supposedly misjudged ECB President Draghi’s speech in relation to winding back the bank’s stimulus package. If you take a look at this current EUR/USD hourly chart, you can see that the market in fact didn’t actually care what he said, and that headline drop was in fact […]