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In adjacent to our motto: Keep Moving Forward: We will always strive into placing our customer satisfaction as a top priority. Moving forward in 2018, we have set our goals higher as previously achieved in 2017. Not only to the sales, but also to how we interact with customers and vice versa. 

At this stage, calculating on how many targeted emails achieved or any two-way means of communication received from clients might be our goals. And the goals has been set up.

To the technology side, we will be accomplishing a very high standard in our appliances and supporting system. We called this a Major Upgrade and Improvement

Especially for our Cloud / VPS Platform, there will be a major shocking increase, including but not limited to:
  1. Upgrading to all the better and latest server specification 
  2. Upgrading to all the SSD standard of Samsung Enterprise SSD latest technology
  3. Upgrading to all the kernels of Xen Virtualization the latest version with secure and boosted performance enhancement.
  4. The last but not the least, A Technology Innovation. We will be introducing this development program at the very soonest.
The time scheduled set is as follow:
December 2017 for USA servers
January 2018 for UK servers
February 2018 for Asia servers

Those of you impacted mostly by this changes, would be the one with a Windows Machine. For Linux, it will affect a reboot and downtime for about 30 minutes (during the migration and changes of IP address). We will be informing each of you through our Network Status Update page.

We'd be happy to receive any feedback rendering to this matter


Thank you for choosing and using our services.

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Monday, December 4, 2017

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