EUR/AUD Friday Night Support

New trading day, same old trading setup! Yes, we come back to the Euro Crosses to start the week with a familiar setup in EUR/AUD. EUR/AUD Daily: Click on chart to see a larger view. Price has been testing this higher time frame support level multiple times for just about the last six months. I […]

EUR/USD’s Draghi Drag

A good time to come back to the forex news blog, with Mario Draghi speaking sandwiched between two Janet Yellen speeches in the next 24 hours. This of course puts EUR/USD firmly in play for the trading day and gives us a good opportunity to bring up this major daily support level from 2015. First […]


Matrix Improves Jakarta – Batam Backhaul

PT NAP Info Lintas Nusa (NAP Info), the Indonesian sister company of Matrix Networks Pte. Ltd., has completed construction of a diverse second backhaul route connecting the Matrix Batam Cable Landing Station at Nongsa in the northeast of Batam to the Matrix Batam POP at Graha Pena in Batam Center. This completion gives WINNERvps a ring […]