EUR/AUD Friday Night Support

New trading day, same old trading setup! Yes, we come back to the Euro Crosses to start the week with a familiar setup in EUR/AUD. EUR/AUD Daily: Click on chart to see a larger view. Price has been testing this higher time frame support level multiple times for just about the last six months. I […]

EUR/USD’s Draghi Drag

A good time to come back to the forex news blog, with Mario Draghi speaking sandwiched between two Janet Yellen speeches in the next 24 hours. This of course puts EUR/USD firmly in play for the trading day and gives us a good opportunity to bring up this major daily support level from 2015. First […]

GBP/USD Below $1.20

With Brexit back in the headlines, markets are now expecting British Prime Minister Theresa May to make a clean break from the EU and caused GBP/USD to drop below the $1.20 mark for the first time since the October flash crash. Now we’ve spoken about a soft vs hard Brexit on the blog before and […]