Aussie Resistance Holds

Yesterday we highlighted some key daily Aussie Dollar resistance levels. You can of course go through each of the forex pairs that were featured in that post on your own MT4 platform. Check out the daily resistance zones and then zoom in and look for areas that you could have shorted. But I’ll just highlight […]

Aussie Resistance Levels

Taking a look at the daily charts across the AUD spectrum, we can see that almost all of the pairs are pushing into a clear daily resistance zone. AUD/USD Daily: Click on chart to see a larger view. AUD/JPY Daily: Click on chart to see a larger view. AUD/CAD Daily: Click on chart to see […]

EUR/GBP at Swing Low Support

Find good levels and you can’t go wrong – It really is the technical analysis trading motto of my blogging with Vantage FX. Previously, we had EUR/GBP bouncing off daily support, which as you can see if you bring up the pair on your own MT4 charts, gave a nice trade with multiple chances to […]

Oil Burn Out Continued

Good morning Monday! Nothing new this morning as markets open and we all get settled back in, but I just wanted to highlight this support/resistance level that we posted in Thursday’s Oil blog: Oil Hourly: Click on chart to see a larger view. Remember that price still has a bit of room to move higher […]