What is a VPS

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. It is a computer system (server) that operates (fully functional) over the internet. VPS is a computer system that acts as if it is a system that resides in our home or in the office. The difference is that its presence is intangible (viewable as our PC/Laptop). Basically, an […]

Guide on Checking The Connection and Latency of a VPS

Desktop Computer –(A)– ISP –(B)– VPS –(C)—Broker’s Server A, B and C describes an interconnection (network connection), or commonly called as an internet link. The most important connection is the one that is represented by C. To check on the connection, is usually being done using the Windows built-in tool/program called ping/tracert (open Start >> […]

09 - Time

Tips and Tricks for MT4 Users on a VPS

There are some known tips and tricks for us, a traders, using MT4 on the VPS that we should know. Credits and Thanks to all of our friends, clients, colleagues, and folks to bring these things up. Always check your Windows VPS regularly, at least once a week. Avoid assuming that everything will be working […]

04 - Security01

How do I Protect and Secure VPS from Threats

WINNERvps provides 3 (three) account types: CLIENT AREA account (using an e-mail address as the username) WINDOWS VPS ADMINISTRATOR account (using Administrator as the username) VPS Control Panel account (using the format winnerxxx = numbers as the username) These 3 (three) accounts will be sent to you by e-mail by the time of the VPS […]

Tips on Doing an EA Backtest

How to get a backtest result that is accurate (or almost perfect)? Do a backtest on a personal computer (laptop) for creating hypothesis (temporarily conclusion for a duration of a week or less). Proceed on using the VPS for the backtest (since a backtest procedure almost uses 100% of the processor’s resources, a backtest on […]

How do I Transfer Files from and to a VPS

The easiest and fastest way to transfer files from and to a VPS is through Dropbox. What is Dropbox? Dropbox is an online file storage facility, which also functions as a file sharing program. Dropbox acts as folder (as if a folder/directory/storage media in Windows) with another virtual folder (externally). When you are moving (drag […]

03 - Remote Desktop Connection1

How do I Get Connected to a VPS

To be able to connect or to establish a link to our VPS, we are required to use a program called Remote Desktop Connection (developed by Microsoft) or compatible at our home computer or laptop. In Windows XP is in: Start >> All Programs >> Accessories >> Communications In Windows Vista or 7 is in:Start […]