We are pleased to announced the release of Bravo v3.0 (11.11.2017), which added more robust capabilities armoring to our previous version of Bravo.

Since 2013, we have been developing and constructing several features that might seems to work effectively and efficiently with our users. This new high technology of Bravo could adapt and detect several issues, including but not limited to an instance (virtual machine) that might be using "CPU intensive application", and detected to be harmful to several other user among its shared resources. In an affect, our support request reduced by 90%, and user's complaints were decreased by 98%.

The other things that Bravo can do is to detect a reboot process (request) of an instance.

Emailing users of such signals received by Bravo was a new feature introduced around 2015 (at our Bravo  v2.1 released). You might be aware of that emails started to come at your mailboxes from Bravo.

After several months (might be years) of inactivity, we are starting to reestablish this development as of June 2017. And in efforts of that, you might be receiving several other releases and/or new features of this technology that will enhance the using of Virtual Private Server into its new generation. We called it "Gen-Y VPS". Thanks to Xen Hypervisor Technology.

All these new features can be access through Menu --> Client Area --> Support section, i.e.:
  1. IP Report
    If you are using our Indonesia's services (any services from Internet Colo, through VPS), you might find this tool, will be checking whether your IP is on such 'blocking state'. It could detect, for example, during TCP or UDP or ICMP attacks.
  2. Reverse DNS
    You can directly change your own rDNS (IP to Name Server) through this function yourselves (no need to send any inquiry to set the rDNS, except you need to change /24 or more).
  3. VPS High Usage Log
    For those who had been receiving many email regarding Bravo - High Usage Notification, you ca also check here (the timestamp and the VPS IP).
  4. VPS Reboot Log
    You can also check your last reboot state here.
No need to login to any panels, just login to the Client Area, as usual, using your email address. If you find difficulties or bugs related to this release, please do make us aware of.  Any of your feedback is really appreciated and we wish you a tremendous success in trusting your business by using our services, with this easy and modern technology. 
ROAD MAP of BRAVO (Next Releases)
  • Users can select (opt-in) whether they want to receive an email or not (VPS High Usage and Reboot Notification) from Bravo.
  • More Linux templates for Linux users.
  • Reformatting VPS through Client Area (single panel only)
  • RAM Usage Monitor (next version). We will be redesigning this new version after obsolete for many years (at least 2 years per our notes with many features to come, including but not limited to NTP sync).
Our US & EU Linux VPS (start from US$ 4.99)
Our SG & ID Linux VPS (start from US$ 6.99)

Thank you for choosing and using our services.

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Monday, November 13, 2017

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