VPS Forex for Forex MT4 Trader from WinnerVPS.com, trusted and stable with the best price ever! A Virtual Private Server from WinnerVPS (VPS Forex) is a dedicated piece of a server in a high specification data centre, it is built never fail - to allow automated forex traders the piece of mind knowing their MT4 platform will always be on, taking and closing trades, as it should.

The WinnerVPS Virtual Server runs on high end servers, has multiple networks feeding it, has no single point of hardware failure so its reliable and secure for Forex Trading, if you combine that with the reduction in latency achieved by using a VPS, it is a must for people using EA's to trade the Forex markets. The lower your latency is the more chance you have of getting filled at the best price and more chance of making money on the specific trade. Traders benefit from the same technology only normally found in major data centers. Traders use a Remote Desktop client to easily access the virtual windows environment. Programs run on the hosted server - inside the virtual environment. This allows the trader to close the remote desktop client and even shut down their computer, while leaving applications running normally inside the virtual environment.

VPS's also benefit from bandwidth speeds unparallelled on most home machines, while requiring minimal Internet bandwidth to support the desktop connection. Trading applications benefit from the extremely high speeds and low latency connectivity of a hosted server. One of the key factors is the Virtual Desktop keeps running, even if you lose your Internet connection or say your laptop runs out of battery. The Internet speed to your virtual desktop remains steadfast, regardless of your own connection speed or connectivity.

Processor Intel Xeon Intel i7 Intel i5 Desktop Processor
Dedicated Resources 100% Half 50% No
Overselling No Yes Yes Yes
Technology Xen KV* VMWa** Other
Network Speed (Port) 1 GB (1GB) 100 MB (1GB) 100 MB (100MB) 10 MB (100MB)

Why Choose Us As Your Trading Partner

    • 99.99% Uptime Guarantee

      All servers are maintained and sustained at 99.99% uptime and backed with Money Back Guarantee.

    • Traders Friendly

      WinnerVPS is an independent, reliable and secure VPS provider in conjunction with most Traders.

    • Strict Legal

      To better serve and commit with our PREMIUM customers, WinnerVPS will keep an eye of every packets, out of distractions

    • Premium Only Services

      WinerVPS is dedicated in offering only PREMIUM services, thus we give PREMIUM SATISFACTION ASSURANCE

    • Multi Location Server

      WinnerVPS offers variety server locations, in compliance with Traders who need less latency to brokers

    • Human Assistance Support

      Our office and staffs are located and assigned at South Jakarta (Indonesia) and ready to serve you.

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